About The School

In 1997, Kumluca Vocational School has started its education life with its Greenhouse Program in Kumluca district which is located at 100 km. west of Antalya. In 2000-2001’s academic year Accounting and Tax Application Program, in 2003-2004’s academic year Business Management Program, and in 2010-2011’s academic year Horticulture Program has been added to our education program which contains four programs currently.

While taking both changes of global world and society into account, our purpose is creating well-educated versatile labor profile which can use the information and connect with others easily. Our school is taking an active role of the process of Europe Agricultural Politics in Kumluca district where is a center of green housing. Also in international and national area, while adapting the new technological innovation into our region, our department became a pioneer on the foreign trade activities. Moreover aiming to reach European Union Norms on our education, research and other activities, we serve our region practitioners’ needs to solve the problems and to create future plans.

Our School continue the academic education in 7000m²-area where situated in the centrum of Kumluca. Our campus consists of,

  • 11 clasrooms,
  • 3 lecture halls,
  • 4 tachnical laboratories ( Crop Protection Laboratory, Soil and Plant Nutrition Laboratory, Horticultural Crops and Plant Tissue Laboratory, Agrology Laboratory),
  • Computer lab,
  • Assembly room,
  • 2000 m2 green house for practicing
  • Library
  • Dining hall and cafeteria.
  • Volleyball/Basketball Court.

Our School’s student quota is as following,

Green Housing Program: 50

Accounting and Tax Applications Program: 50

Business Management Program: 50

Horticulture Program: 40


Akdeniz University Kumluca Vocational School work with regional SME (KOBİ)’s to maintain cooperation between the school and industry. Therefore, our academic staff use national and international books and texts, and current sectors’ statistics in their lectures. In addition to visiting regional sector fairs, our students area able to follow current and updated publication via our teachers and the internet library.

Our grads are supported by Akdeniz University Entrepreneurship and Job Development Center to get help for the internship and job opportunities. This center works with mutual conversation with a vision of “Right Person for Right Job”. Another purpose of this center is helping the graduated students to understand what the sector expects from them. Our students also participate in regional table tennis, football and volleyball tournaments. Chess, theater and folk dance are our other activities that our valued students can join in.








Uluslar arası standartlara uygun nitelikli insan gücü yetiştirerek çağı yakalayan, gelişmeye açık, iş dünyasının gereksini ve isteklerini karşılayabilecek düzeyde, rekabet gücü olan ve benzer alanda eğitim veren okullar arasında sanayi ve hizmet sektörünün tercih ettiği; ulusal ve uluslar arası saygınlığı olan bir eğitim kurumu olmaktır.


Bilim ve teknolojiyi etkin kullanarak araştırma ve eğitim hizmetlerini geliştirerek, çağın ve mesleğin gerektirdiği bilgi düzeyine ve meslek ahlakına sahip, toplum bilinci gelişmiş, ülke çıkarlarını gözeten, ulusal ve uluslararası düzeyde nitelikli insan gücü yetiştirmektir.


Akdeniz Üniversitesi Kumluca Meslek Yüksekokulu
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